Enwealth Fanisi Mentorship Day…

In this fast-changing world, the life of a teenager seems to change daily or even on an hourly basis.
Some changes may be hard for the parents, guardians and teachers to monitor and keep track of, yet this is a very fragile period when the young people are developing emotionally, cognitively, physically and spiritually.
To bridge this gap, Enwealth Financial Services which has been an offering secondary school scholarship since 2011 has started a mentorship programme for the students it supports under the Fanisi Scholarship Program. To date, the program has supported over 80 students spread in different counties of the country. Moreover, at least 10 of the students have progressed to institutions of higher learning studying Engineering, Commerce, Nursing, Business Administration amongst others.
The inaugural mentorship day, held on 14th December 2018 and saw over 30 students receive various life-skills counseling to prepare them for life inside & outside the classroom.
Some of the topics covered during the mentorship session were on career choices, nurturing talents, basic entrepreneurship skills, spirituality and ways of dealing with peer pressure. In recent times, disturbing news have dominated the media, such as rise in teenage suicides, increased rates of teenage pregnancies, teenage pornography, drug use and involvement in criminal activities among others. Some of these actions, experts say, are a cry for attention from the adults who are stuck in their busy lives trying to make ends meet. Social media influence was a key topic addressed, given the greater role it is playing in the students’ life.
“Success is not only defined by the students’ performance in their academics, but by being able to deal with different life situations as they come. As Enwealth Financial Services, we hope to equip these young people with all the necessary life skills to be successful in life,” said Beatrice Chuchu, Enwealth HR manager on the sidelines of the event.
The Enwealth Fanisi scholarship is in its 8th year running and students who have been through the programme also took the chance to encourage their younger counterparts. Fanisi offers full scholarships for secondary school education to students with strong academic performance from less privileged backgrounds. Applications for next year’s form 1 intake are currently ongoing.

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