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Enwealth Life Assurance Policies

Policies                          Annuities

An annuity plan is an arrangement whereby an insurer, in exchange for purchase price/money, enters into a contract to pay a set amount of money (the annuity) on agreed dates for life or an agreed term. Its purpose? To ensure that upon your retirement an income for life or for a convenient numbers of years is streaming in. one can arrange for a single life annuity or joint life annuity provision. Our annuity plans are favorably designed to provide assurance against the possibility of the annuitant outliving the purchase premium.

Group Credit Life Assurance

This cover pays out to a financial institution e.g. Sacco’s, microfinance institution or bank in case of death or permanent disability of borrowers.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

This covers pays out to banks in case of death or permanent disability of mortgage borrowers, thus enabling release of the asset to the beneficiaries.

Group Life Assurance

This cover enables organizations to pay a lump sum amount (which is a fixed amount or a multiple of the employee’s salary) to:

An employee who is critically ill or permanently disabled

The beneficiaries of a deceased employee

Group Funeral Covers

This covers pays a fixed amount to an employees beneficiaries upon their death.



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