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Enriching lives to create a dignified and purposeful society.

Mission & Purpose

Purposefully impacting the society through economic and social empowerment.

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Trust

Who We Are

The Enwealth Foundation was established on 17th June 2022 to contribute towards a sustainable society and solution of development issues through, but not limited to, funding health care for the elderly, funding education for bright and needy children, promoting, undertaking, supporting an encouraging alleviation of poverty.

Prior to its establishment, it operated under the name Enwealth Fanisi Program that offered education scholarships to needy students. Though not registered, the Enwealth Fanisi scholarship, since its inception in 2012, has cumulatively disbursed KES 47 million; positively impacting the lives of at least 400 students with a 90% transition rate to university.

Enwealth Foundation Limited intends to work through strategic and carefully selected partnerships in Kenya, both at the national and community level, and strongly believes in the ability of communities to identify and prioritize their needs and with a little external support, pursue their own solutions to these needs. Enwealth also recognizes that pro-poor policies are critical to be able to address some of the systemic challenges faced by vulnerable groups, hence the need to push for the development of the necessary policies to support the promotion of a just and fair society, as well as good governance.

Corporate Governance

Board Chairperson

Sharon Kisire

Sharon Kisire, FIHRM, is an experienced Organizational behaviour and HR Professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of Organizational management. Sharon holds several awards on Excellency in Human Capital Management. Sharon started her HR career at Mater Hospital as Deputy HR Manager and later transited to National Oil Corporation (NOCK) in the position of HR & Administration Manager. From there she moved on to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in the position of Director, Human Capital. Her last employment was with Safaricom as Director Resources from where she left to run her consultancy firm offering Human Resources solutions. Sharon holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Sociology. She is an ongoing doctorate student. She is a Certified Public Secretary (CPS K) and the chief examiner for KASNEB, CPS examinations. She has authored several HR and motivational books.
Board Member

Mr. Kennedy Monyoncho

Kennedy Monyoncho is an economist/Statistician by training. He is a certified trainer, financial coach and trainer, motivational speaker, author, researcher, and a gender expert. He has extensive experience in both public and private sector, having worked as head of Macroeconomics at the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) and Head of Research and the Nairobi Stock Exchange. He has an MBA in Finance and currently pursuing a PhD in Global Business Management.
Board Member

Rev. Charles Obara

CEO & Board Member

Simon Wafubwa

Mr. Simon Wafubwa is the CEO of Enwealth Financial Services Limited, the fastest growing, most innovative and customer centric pension administration and consulting services company with an asset portfolio of above Kshs.85Billion in under 12 years. He is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Actuarial Mathematics Option) , Master’s Degree in Business Administration in Strategic Management (UON) and an alumni of the Stanford Seed Programme. He is member of the Pensions Management Institute of the UK and has worked in senior positions in both local and multinational organizations for over 20 years , giving him a broad and extensive experience in social security financial services consulting. Simon was also a council member of the Association of Retirement Benefits Schemes in Kenya and also a Part time Lecturer (Pension Trustees Certification) at the College of Insurance (Kenya). Simon currently offers speaking retirement planning , business coaching and mentorship to over 100 budding entrepreneurs playing in different sectors of the economy.

Our Key Functional Pillars


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Missions & Outreach

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Our Philosophy

Enwealth intends to undertake the following having being registered in 2022 to fulfil the following objectives

  • Realizing a free, open to knowledge and cooperation platform for all members of society towards alleviation of poverty in Kenya and its environs through evangelism, missions and market place outreach.
  • Facilitating the cooperation, personal contact and dialogue between individuals and organizations working on sustainable solutions at a practical, local level.
  • Creating and promoting a marketplace for project successes and by enhancing the projects through creation of a monitoring platform. The monitoring module created will make it easy to follow the status of projects online.
  • Creation of a market place within the community and online to match projects and funds, where funding can be linked directly to local initiatives.
  • To support leadership development and undertake training and capacity building activities for leaders in any sphere of society as may be found appropriate the growth and development of leaderships in Kenya aimed at (but not limited to) equipping Kenyans with the resources and manpower necessary for promoting development within Kenya and for poverty eradication in order to foster economic and social growth;
  • To provide, endow, furnish, and fit out with all necessary equipment, furniture, aids, statistics, and other material, centers for the co-ordination on a national scale of the objects aforesaid, and to promote, organize, co-ordinate and do all such things as may be necessary, desirable or incidental
  • To promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support development aid activities in the areas of poverty alleviation, sustainable community projects, social justice and good governance and to promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support advocacy activities in relation to all areas of
    public policy in Kenya; funds to further their collective goals to obviate their work being affected when funders change their priorities.
  • To promote, facilitate and assist in the equipping of young people in Kenya and elsewhere through workshops, lectures, round table discussions and related forums of every kind and description.
  • To establish, equip and carry on capacity training programs by means of which students and youth in general may obtain capacity training, education and instruction on knowledge sharing, reporting, and monitoring tools via the internet facilitated by Enwealth Foundation, towards achieving sustainable solutions for their local initiatives.
  • To promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support the evolution of visionary, committed, selfless, uncorrupt, knowledgeable, competent, and transformational leaderships in the public, private, and civil society sectors in Kenya;
  • To promote, encourage, undertake or otherwise support activities which aim to foster positive and gainful transformation of the communities within Kenya in order to alleviate poverty and bring about social and economic development advancement.
  • To promote, facilitate and assist in the development of income generation projects and projects for the alleviation of poverty in Kenya and elsewhere.
  • To facilitate and support community and national media of every description to develop and disseminate civic education content, with a view to increasing civic awareness, raise national accountability and promote social justice in Kenya and elsewhere.
  • To raise, mobilize and disburse funds and other resources for the promotion of the Foundation’s initiatives.