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Enwealth organizes quarterly social security research based educational/informative events with the goal of utilizing existing resources and strategic partnerships to provide authentic research findings in the retirement benefits industry and contributing towards in policy formulation. The Enwealth Conversations is held in partnership with Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Institute of Human Resource Management as a forum for disseminating quarterly social security research findings to a relevant audience.

The 8th edition: The Role of Technology on Savings and Investments in Kenya

In the 8th edition, we focused on the role and impact of technology in savings and investments across diverse financial sectors, exploring emerging fintech trends  reshaping  the financial landscape  and contributing to increased financial deepening in the country. This research paper delves into the transformative impact of technology on savings and investments in Kenya, addressing behavioral aspects, evaluating current technological systems, and exploring emerging trends.The study assesses the influence of technology on the behavioral aspects of financial product utilization, evaluates the ef- fectiveness of existing technological systems in the financial and pension sectors and investigates the effects of emerging technological trends on savings and investments.

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The 7th edition: Saving and Investments Behaviour Among Kenyans

In this 7th edition, the study aims at identifying the savings and investments behaviour cutting across all age groups throughout Kenya. One of the ways in which economic advancement may be fostered is by putting some earnings away for savings as it contributes to capital for-mation (Sekgobela 2004). As it stands, the Central Bank of Kenya has projected that the current account deficit will rise to 5.90 percent of GDP by the end of 2022 burdened with external debt as the domestic lending avenues have become scarce due to the lack of savings by Kenyans. To read the whole report, download under the tab below.

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The 6th edition: Effects of Covid-19 on Financial and wellbeing of Retirees in Kenya

In the 6th edition, the study aims to stimulate positive discussions and decision making of Retirees, Near-Retirees, individual members of Retirement Benefits Schemes and relevant policy bodies in the spirit of enhancing the social security industry in Kenya in the wake of COVID-19. More so, how the general public and policymakers respond to extreme scenarios that shook the financial markets and impact everyday lives. In addition, to determine the effect of Covid-19 on the financial well-being of the retirees in Kenya, to determine the effect of Covid-19 on the Healthcare and mental well-being of retirees in Kenya and to determine the overall life satisfaction of these retirees in Kenya.

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The 5th edition: Conflict Resolution in Retirement Benefits Schemes

In the 5th edition, the study addresses key components of Conflict Resolution in Retirement Benefits Schemes. It evaluates the nature of Conflicts encountered in Retirement Benefits Schemes and assesses the consequences of the conflicts. The study also evaluates the extent of understanding of the process of Conflict Management of stakeholders in Retirement Benefits Schemes. In addition, it captures information on Conflict across the Financial Service Industry and gives a market comparison with other markets.

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The 4th edition: Attitudes to inheritance in Kenya; Leaving a legacy

Inheritance is becoming a common debate in Kenya especially with the promulgation of the new Kenyan Constitution in 2010, which states more clearly the laws of inheritance moving away from common or customary law which was used before then. According to the Kenya National Bureau of statistics 26.2% of households in Kenya have experienced conflicts due to succession. The 4th edition covers “Attitudes to inheritance in Kenya : Leaving a legacy, statement of intentions & Nomination of Beneficiaries.”

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The 3rd edition: Transition into a self-manged active life- “Retired but not tired”

In the 3rd edition, we interviewed more than 100 retirees seeking to establish wellness in retirement. The focus was on; Transition into a self-manged active life- “Retired but not tired”, The results and analysis of this survey exposed some of the vital area retirees consider in their transition into retirement.

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The 2nd edition: Organizational approach to preparing employees for retirement

In the 2nd edition, we interviewed more than 500 professionals seeking to establish how prepared Kenyans are for retirement and the issues that promote or impede Kenyans confidence to retire. The results and analysis of this survey exposed the gaps in our organizational approach to preparing employees for retirement.

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The 1st edition: Remuneration of Trustees and Governance in Kenya

The 1st edition of the Enwealth Conversations gave insight on the Remuneration of Trustees and Governance in Kenya was held at the intercontinental hotel with over 120 Trustees and related professional in attendance.

Find the report on Remuneration of Trustees .

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