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  1. I/We hereby apply to invest into the Enwealth Capital Unit Trust Scheme on the terms and conditions and regulatory information set out in the information Memorandum and Trust Deed.
  2. I/We confirm to have read and understood the information Memorandum, the charges made by Enwealth Capital Limited and the terms and conditions of this application.
  3. I/We confirm that the Units in the Enwealth Capital Unit Trust Scheme are not being acquired directly or indirectly by or on behalf of any person restricted by Law or any jurisdiction from acquiring such units and that I/We will not sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of any such Units directly or indirectly to or for the account of such person.
  4. I/We agree that all proceeds for redemptions and income distribution will only be paid to the bank whose details are on this form and may only be amended in writing by the persons authorized to sign in accordance with this form.
  5. I/We agree that NO proceeds for redemptions and/or income distribution will be paid to third parties.
  6. I/We confirm that the money used for the investments in the Enwealth Capital Unit Trust scheme is not the proceeds of any money laundering or other illegal activities. Enwealth Capital Limited reserves the right to seek evidence of identity and source of investment funds in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations in force in Kenya from time to time. In such Case, delay or failure to provide satisfactory information to Enwealth Financial Services may lead to this application being rejected