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What is Anaya Post-Retirement Health Care Fund?

Anaya enables retirees access good quality healthcare during retirement.

The major concern that fuelled the innovation of this product was the fact that upon retirement, getting a medical cover from insurance companies is a challenge for persons over 65years. There is strain in payment of medical bills and also many cases of premature death upon retirees not to mention the need for excellent healthcare upon retirement.

Benefits Structure

There are four categories of benefits to choose from:


Inpatient limit of KES 5,000,000.

Outpatient limit of KES 200,000.


Inpatient limit of KES 2,000,000.

Outpatient limit of KES 150,000.


Inpatient limit of KES 1,000,000.

Outpatient limit of KES 100,000.


Inpatient limit of KES 500,000.

Outpatient limit of KES 60,000.

Registration & Governance of the Fund

  • The fund is established as a trust and separate legal entity from the founding company Enwealth Financial Services Limited
  • The fund is registered and regulated by the RBA and KRA.
  • Scheme assets are held by a custodian through a nominee account off the balance sheet of the founder assets as required by RBA.
  • The fund has a corporate trustee who is independent from Enwealth Financial Services Limited and watches over the operations of the scheme on behalf of members.

Benefits of the Enwealth Post-Retirement Health Care Fund

  • Attractive benefits, inpatient and outpatient cover.
  • Last expense insurance cover for dependants and principal member.
  • Members enjoy accrued funds on retirement.
  • Flexible contribution classes-Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.
  • Members enjoy high investment returns.
  • Contributors enjoy mortage facilities through guarantees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Select the preferred class. Based on the class and age of the member, a quote is shared advising the monthly premiums payable.

Can I enroll my parents?

Yes, this is a possible. A revised quote that covers more members can be issued to accommodate the parents.