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What is Enwealth Baraka Fund?

This is a group plan that provides for the payment of a fixed amount on the death of any member or members of their nuclear family (and extended family if opted for) to cater for the costs of arranging the funeral.
The plan has riders that provide for payment on marriage of the principal member and upon childbirth of a member’s child.

Terms & Conditions

  • All group members must take the same option
  • This cover has a death benefits waiting period (from the date of commencement of the policy or new entrants to the scheme)
    • Bereavement- 1 month for the main member, spouse & children
    • Bundle of Joy- 9 months and wedding- 6 months. (There no exclusions under this plan subject to the above waiting periods)his cover has a death benefit waiting period (from the date commencement of the policy or new entrants to the scheme)
  • Premium payment: premiums are payable annually in advance
  • Newly recruited members of the group can join the scheme at any time during the policy cover.


  • Group Profile; registered name, address, business activity and other pertinent details of the proposer
  • Members to be covered and amount of cover per member including the following details
  • Attachements; copy of the ID of the prinicipal member and beneficiaries, date of birth for each covered.
  • Copy of ID (ID number) for adult members and copy of birth certificate for children

Baraka Fund - Brochure