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What is Enwealth Faraja Benevolent Fund?

It is an is an insurance policy that covers funeral expenses in the event of illness, Natural and Accidental Death. A selected amount is paid as a lump sum within 48 hours upon notification of death and full documentation in respect of the individuals, families and groups.


  • No limitations on the number of claims payable in a year.
  • Affordable premiums payable once per year.
  • Covers death claims arising from pandemics e.g. covid-19
  • Wide coverage
  • No medical tests required when joining.
  • Benefits are not subjected to any forms of taxation.
  • Claim settlement with 48 hours.

Groups Funeral


  • Groups e.g. chamas, welfare associations, saccos, corporates and churches.
  • Employees together with their spouses and children depending on the sponsor’s preference


Covers Individuals together with;

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Parents-in-law

Faraja Benevolent Fund - Application Form


Faraja Benevolent Fund- Brochure