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We offer consultancy services to Trustees and Sponsors of retirement benefits schemes. Our scope of service includes but not limited to;

Strategy Development

Strategic planning is a cornerstone of success for retirement benefits schemes. We help the Trustee to develop a fact based and realistic strategic plan that not only help them to navigate the challenges of today but also shape a secure and prosperous future for scheme members.

Scheme Conversion and Mergers

We offer our extensive experience and customized services to Trustees and Sponsors of retirement benefits schemes, helping them navigate the complex processes of scheme conversions and mergers through strategic execution and expert guidance.

Scheme Liquidation

Through the tough times of liquidation, we are always at the doorstep to support you effectively go through the winding up process. We undertake to ensure seamless transition.

Policy Formulation

We leverage our passion for good governance practices and our extensive knowledge to assist our clients in enhancing their decision-making processes and internal procedures through effective policy formulation.

Performance evaluation

We believe that greatness thrives on feedback. Therefore, we have developed tailored performance evaluation tools designed to enhance the effectiveness of the board of trustees and appointed service providers in discharge of their fiduciary responsibilities.