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We are licensed and regulated by the Retirement Benefits Authority (Kenya) to provide pension administration services and consulting services.
We have put in place a competent, experienced and passionate team with diverse background ranging from Actuarial Science ,law, finance, Economics and Investments.

Our Mandate

Core Administrative functions

Maintenance of accurate member records, benefits processing, member and Trustees communication & income distribution.

Compliance Management

We ensure scheme compliance with laws, amend scheme legal documents and policies, and provide legal opinions on matters related to the Scheme through our in-house legal team

Secretarial Support Services

We organize board meetings, taking minutes during the meetings, maintain and monitor the action matters arising from Board meetings.

Accounting services

We maintain the books and records of accounts by recording the scheme’s assets, income, and expenditures, and we also perform reconciliations of scheme records held by the Fund Manager/approved issuer and the Fund Custodian.

Member Training Services

We offer training services to scheme members on their rights and obligations in the scheme, benefits structure, financial management and any other relevant areas at such time and in a manner as agreed from time to time with the trustees

Trustees Training

We empower Trustees with the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.