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Who is a Corporate Principal Officer?

A corporate principal officer plays the role of trustee support function. This role in summary is to support the trustees in the exercise of their trust and to give the sponsor the comfort that the scheme is being, properly managed and administered.

  • To manage the relationships with the fund manager, fund administrator, auditor and any other service providers or advisers.
  • To monitor service levels and ensure that they comply with service agreements.
  • To review and oversee implementation of an Investment Income Distribution Policy.
  • To receive and review reports from service providers and provide independent assessments and guidance to the Trustees on quarterly basis.
  • To develop, and oversee the implementation of an Administration and Accounting Procedures Manual to ensure proper administration of the schemes.
  • Determine benefits entitlement eligibility of meTo organize, attend and take minutes at Trustee meetings as well as to oversee implementation of decisions taken by the Trustees.
  • To manage relationships and communications with Scheme Members.

Benefits of our Corporate Trustee Services to your scheme.

  • Expertise: We have a wealth of experience in managing pension schemes and this can be of great value in terms of good governance and professional advice to your scheme.
  • Networks: We bring on board a wider resources of skill variety and is likely to be able to address all the needs of the scheme.
  • Collaboration: The corporate principal officer has also the mandate of ensuring that the objectives of the sponsor are met within the scheme.
  • Time: The board of trustees are also full time employees of the sponsoring organization and as such are required to give of their time and skills to their duties. By having a corporate principle officer they are able to delegate some of their duties to experts and concentrate on their work.
  • Service: By appointing a corporate principal officer the trustees are able to provide quality service to the members of the scheme while minimizing on the time they actually spend personally overseeing the day to day running of the scheme.
  • Quality assurance: Part of the mandate of the corporate principal officer is to ensure that the service providers appointed adhere to the service level agreements stipulated in their contracts. This enhances the quality of service and assures the sponsor together with the members, consistency in expected level of service.

Who can benefit from our Corporate Trustee?

  • Occupational Pension Schemes.
  • Individual Personal Pension Schemes.